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Set a goal and go for it!
Let us help you get in the best shape of your life!

You can purchase a program for anywhere.  You can run on the treadmill every night and hope to get in shape.  Chances of you reaching your goals will be low if you follow the average modern day protocol.  That is because humans seek different challenges otherwise we get bored! Why run the treadmill when you can substitute with fun skill training and get FASTER RESULTS! 

Consistency is everything.
Most will stop because they lack motivation

We promise that our workouts will not only be effective, but fun! You’ll always look forward to starting your next exercise session!

Are you ready to become strong?

Choose your goal

Strength Project workouts are designed to help not only athletes of all activities, but the average person looking to get in shape.  Fitness and exercise should not be boring, and we promise that you will enjoy this journey of becoming the strongest version of yourself!


Strength Project Ebooks

Choose your goal!

Sam Tribbles Calisthenics Foundation

Instant download!
  • Instant download!!
  • For all levels
  • Videos + PDF ebook
  • Detailed progressions
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Sam Tribble Bundle

Handstand + Calisthencis Fundamentals
  • Best Deal!
  • Handstand Course
  • Calisthenics Fundamentals
  • Videos + PDF
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Sam Tribbles Handstand Course

Stand on your hands! Master the basics!
  • Instant download!
  • Videos + PDF
  • For all level athletes
  • Progressive
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