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Sam Tribble Bodyweight Fundamentals
monumental_sam_12_1hollow_sam_1sam_tribble_fly_1progressions_1Sam Tribble Bodyweight Fundamentals

Sam Tribble Bodyweight Fundamentals


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A strong core is essential when it comes to not only high level skills, but also basic skills. It is the foundation to all movement, these skills, body positions and firing order will train your core to be able to progress into the most advanced skills.

“Even advanced athletes need to revisit these fundamentals.” – Sam Tribble

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Core, Parallel bars and Ring Fundamentals


    A strong core is essential when it comes to not only high level skills, but also basic skills. It is the foundation to all movement, these skills, body positions and firing order will train your core to be able to progress into the most advanced skills.

“Even advanced athletes need to revisit these fundamentals.” – Sam Tribble


The Gymnastics Rings have gained much popularity over the past few years and for good reason. Transferability of strength and agility gained through the rings is insanely high.  The rings are not exclusive to gymnasts, but rather for all athletes requiring core and upper body strength. The rings are also known to develop a ripped and aesthetic body.

In this series, Coach Sam Tribble covers the basics from warm ups, stretches, support hold, muscle ups, grips positions, levers and more.


Show off on objects that seem impressive to balance on, however with these tricks even the most mind blowing skills can be simple safe and fun.

The parallel bars are a common apparatus that you may find in fitness parks, kids play grounds, formal fitness studios, gymnastics clubs and rehabilitation centers.

“Building a strong foundation is the key to continued progress and advancement of any skill level. Especially if you are interested in doing skills you’ve seen me demonstrated with Strength Project.” – Sam Tribble



Safety, efficiency and practicality is what we strive for. We shot entire series with a professional film crew, knowing the importance of being able to see skills performed clearly, from multiple angles and slow-motion. Years of knowledge, experience and practice are packed into this tutorial series.


Coach Sam Tribbles Bio:

Sam Tribble gained his background and love of acrobatics from his experience as an elite gymnast.  While competing for both UC Davis and Cal State Fullerton respectively he receiving All American honors in addition to being inducted into Sacramento’s, Athletic Hall of Fame.

Sam is currently a professional member of USA gymnastics and a certified Roue Cyr coach through the IRV. He is the head coach for Worlds Team USA in competitive Roué Cyr and holds a post on the board as a technical advisor for USA Wheel Gymnastics.

Over the past 4 years Sam has established the Progressive Access Training technique for Roue Cyr which is being accepted by formal institutions to fulfill physical education requirements in private and public schools.  His ongoing passion is fueling Team Spinnovation a Roué Cyr perfuming arts troupe which performs at: EDC Vegas, Chicago and New York. and Venues such as the Venetian in Las Vegas to the Closing Ceremonies at the Prana Festival in New Zealand.

    Sam also operates Tribbs Sport intl. manufacturing world class Wheels to artist and athletes all over the globe. Athletes have traveled as far as France, Russia, Japan and Ireland to train with Sam over the past few years. He is always passionate about learning new ideas and new ways of expressing art and sharing with others the infinite places our bodies will take us.


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