In Place Backflip Progression

There are several reasons I wanted to learn in one spot back tucks/flips.

  1. Its fun
  2. Control
  3. As a progression to other skills
  4. As part of another skill
  5. Tight Spaces

Flipping in place for me feels very similar to a standing gainer. My hips are always directly above where I land.  To get the feel of this skill, I train countless backflips up hill, which forced me to set more and not to mention, it is hard to travel back on a slope!

This video will hopefully serve as a tutorial on how to backflip in place, these tips worked for me and hopefully they will for you.  Later you can do different skills like continuous in place, punch backflip to front flip in a confined space such as on a spring board, backflips on ledges.

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