One Leg Swing Through Switch Backflips/Gainers

Swing Through Backflip Progressions- Learn how to do 1 leg back flips from flashkick to gainer.

To summarize the progressions in short:

  1. Comfortable backflip

  2. Standing Flash kicks-

  3. Backflip and land on your take off leg- One leg landings

  4. Now take off of 1 leg for a backflip, but land on two.

  5. Once your comfortable taking off 1, and landing on one leg, combine drills 3 and 4. Take off and land on one leg.


Once I was comfortable with the first 5 steps, I started training j-step swings, cartwheel/gumbi 1 leg flips, back handspring flips and I would focus landing in an upright position, with my arms dipped back and swinging leg behind me preparing me for the second swing through flip.

Continuing into second flip/transitions
Once you land in a comfortable upright position, with arms  in what is known as the eagle position-



  1. Figure various setups. Don’t give up if you do not like a specific entrance such as j-step or gumby, because once you figure out your favorite setup, you will find that you generate a ton of momentum.  My favorite was gumby but found that it was a bit too much momentum for continuous flips when first learning. I hated j-set or just stepping into it. I loved doing from back handspring.  Later, j-step or stepping into it became my favorite and easiest setup.


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