How we help


Change starts with you! 

Strength Project was founded by Arash Baboo in 2009 with the intention of promoting an active lifestyle.  Exercise, sports, artistic activities are forms of solace for many dealing with stress.  Active living prevents disease.  Being active and fit should not be limited just to those who have access to gyms and fancy equipment. Its for EVERYONE!   Move and be happy!

Strength Project will be volunteering with IMAHELPS in July.  IMAHelps organizes medical humanitarian missions and provide medical, health and hygiene education, life-changing surgeries and a broad range of medical, dental, and prosthetic services to under served populations throughout the world.

How can you help?

Strength Project will be taking 1000 Muscle Bands to Paraguay in July. These bands are prioritized for patients of surgery to use for physical therapy. In addition to bands ideal for physical therapy, educational material and training will be provided to show how a band can be used for therapy and general fitness.  Purchase bands from this link and 100% of the proceeds will go to



There are many benefits to strength training with the use of strength training apparatus, such as weights.  For many, weights and especially speciality equipment is not possible.  Strength Project/Muscle Bands will be taking thousands of bands to distribute to IAMAHELPS patients undergoing surgery or dealing with injuries

The Beautiful Struggle 

Despite hardships, people find happiness.  It is the simple things in life that bring joy.  On our trips we document amazing local athletes performing at a world class level with no gym, equipment, or formal coaching.  We will also be documenting the incredible stories of overcoming