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About Arash

In 2009 I started the Strength Project YouTube channel. Originally it was intended to showcase my training videos.  I was in love with athletics, bodyweight training and just getting into acrobatics.  As I was ending my track and field career, I wanted to focus more on bodyweight training, acrobatics and what I consider the fun recreational activities.  There were limited resources available so I began to share knowledge on what I knew, but then figured why not feature some high level instructors while I have the audience and platform to share valuable knowledge.

Thats when I met Sam Tribble, and had him do a planche tutorial. It was one of the first planche tutorials on YouTube and Sam Tribble quickly became one of the top known and respected instructors on not only YouTube but all over the internet.  Sam Tribble has over 30 years of coaching history as well as being active so thats why I respect Sam’s teaching so much! A master of longevity, progression and efficiency.

As they say, you really don’t know what you had until its gone!  I was an athlete and in shape all my life until the age of 24 and started declining in performance and also aesthetically as body fat started going up.  I am absolutely not saying having a shredded 8 pack ab’s is an indicator of a healthy individual, but rather that to an extent we can definitely feel that a high level of body fat does not feel right or healthy when you were once at a lower level.

My mobility, flexibility and energy levels were just not the same.  That wasn’t living to me. Life is about exploring what the human body is capable of. Its about being energetic, strong both mentally and physically, and enthusiastic about everything life has to offer.

So early this year (2017), I decided to make a change and take a very progressive approach to my training and nutritional habits.  Life is about moderation, and gradually achieving our goals and Sam Tribble was the perfect coach!  The value of his progressive methods not only benefited me for athletic and acrobatic skills but I was able to apply it to general life.  This I feel is a key element to success that many will fail to understand and why so many people fail in achieving their dreams.  There is a method to the madness!

My Other Works

For a while I was known for creating many viral videos of internet trainer sensations CT Fletcher, Kali Muscle, Ido Portal, Carl Paoli, Mike Rashid and many more.  I continue to work with some of them.

Filming the Viral Kali Muscle Story

Filming the Viral Kali Muscle Story

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Filming the Viral CT Fletcher Story

Filming the Viral CT Fletcher Story

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Making my comeback

Follow the series as I make a comeback, I will not only showcase my progressions, and steps that I took in achieving my goals, but also watch others with little no experience in sports and fitness achieve amazing things!


Step by Step

Develop a foundational level of strength. From here you can safely achieve advanced bodyweight skills through progressions I’ve acquired by coaching thousands of individuals from all walks of life- athlete and non athletes, young and old.



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